falling stars
by Natally Hernandez
January 15, 2017

when the world pulls out my heart once again,

by him, from her, from him again,

how can I cope with it?

when I love hard how human beings can come to love

I love people with their own intentions,

could be bad intentions.

is it my character that pushes them away?

where is my spot

in the universe of existence?

the world collapses over me.

the oceans & mountain breeze

don’t make my heart feel full.

my soul is not free.

the space is empty.

but there’s a spot set aside for him.

he loves the women that comfort him. give him that instant gratification.

the pureness from me he took.

pieces of me torn out.

they’re mine, they belong to me. but possibilities like that are never given back.

I let go of them,

I just can’t let go of him.

even when the stars shine,

I see no pathway to light.

I walk into the room full of immensely reeking liquor.

the daughter of the creator

raising me to be an uber for her & her allies.

my sweet siblings crying immensely for their old men.

thinking about life, thoughts always floating around.


is a given opportunity that a human being can only experience once

given the smallest amount of knowledge the universe contains.

what should I do with such great power.

even for God it was so much.

I should rise to heaven & share it with him under four eyes together.

watch the people walk around with dreadful souls.

no humanity left inside.

people use everything that come their way,

like the ground we walk on.

the steps we take we can’t feel ourselves

connecting with the earth

& attaching to it every step & breath of the way.

we rip people’s hearts out,

we use them.

we take but don’t give.

we misjudge,

we mislead.

he believed in destiny, he wants to see her now.

I believe in destiny.

he came back.

the world brought us together,

not only once,

but infinite times in my capability to proceed.

I see him in my dreams, now

& in the future tense.

heart, core,

and gut feeling of mending my soul with his I see.

I see.

I see his inconsistency. I deny it, I see it but I love it,

love the sudden rush it brings to me.

I love him.

my strings attached to him can’t mend & collide with his,

but time will tell everything


the stars align. ♦

Artwork from Favim.com